What this shit is.

My idea is to create a movement much like a wave. A movement all about creativity, love and following your own path. We will achieve our goal by creating clothing, art, film, photography, music and by setting up events. Pretty much everything which is creative. So I want to connect the movement to clothing, film and whatever has to do with art and creativity. But I also want to connect it to for example events, something more to do with physical and social things. This will all fall under the brand name 22:22. Why 22:22? I have always thought that twenty two past ten looked really cool. When people ask me what it means I answer: “There really is no deeper meaning to it, it’s more a feeling, something it represents, a message.”


I really like to have deep conversations with people, especially about philosophy and shit. By having these conversations I learned that everyone, in the very end, is looking for a satisfactory feeling. People want a job for money to be able to pay their bills, which gives a good feeling. People go to concerts so they can enjoy the music and again, get a good feeling. People party, sport, meet up with friends, have sex and that all just for a good feeling. I’ve noticed that people seek a good feeling by doing all the things I named above, but I feel that it’s far from the only way to happiness. People tend to forget that you can also reach happiness purely through love and creativity. That is exactly what I want to bring people with this 22:22 wave, through all the events and products which are associated with it. Live in the moment, think ‘fuck it’, love others and yourself, follow your own path and be open minded and you will find happiness in life. I want to inspire people to live in a conscious, creative and loving manner, in their own way of course. And in this way help improve the world.



Why me? Why Sam Ros? I will do this because I don’t want to work for some boss for the rest of my life, I won’t do someone’s administration, such things are simply not for me. I like creating things to give to the world and connect to people. I also feel that my view on life and mindset are way different from others, that doesn’t mean I’m better or worse than others, but that’s just a feeling I have. I don’t need a college degree, job then a wife and children in a beautiful home. I don't want to fall into the monotony of society but instead create my own path. Because my mindset is so different I want to utilize it to better the world. I will work hard, have perseverance and not give up on my dream.


My wave is for everyone, everyone is allowed to participate. But since I do have to specify, it is for people who want to be creative and happily do their own thing. It’s for people who have passion, who are open minded and for people who want to grow. You can see it like this:

It is for that person who dances marvelously at a performance, it is also for that person who always wanted to dance but never did and it’s even for someone who cannot dance at all and is just watching the performance. It’s for people who enjoy their lives, skaters, musicians, performers, artists and creatives. The wave is about you, people who want to be themselves.